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The Avon Wedding barn was the perfect setting for Kiersten and Patrick’s beautiful Indiana wedding. Everything about the day was amazing. The location, The perfect light, the couple, the feel of the whole day. They put a lot of time into planning their day and made sure that it was really about the two of them. The love they share is evident and I couldn’t be happier for them!

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Patrick & Kiersten | Married 

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avon wedding barn

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Avon wedding barn
DSC_8993 lux Images Photography Wedding venue table props at the Avon wedding barn in Indiana tables at the avon wedding barn in avon indiana DSC_0430 Avon wedding barn, indiana barn weddings, rustic barn weddings, avon wedding barn photographer

Avon indiana wedding barn -2

avon wedding barn indiana DSC_0148-3 DSC_0091-2 Indianapolis wedding photographer DSC_0108-4

Avon Indiana wedding barn venue

avon barn wedding Avon wedding barn photographer

Avon barn wedding

avon wedding barn indianapolis indiana


Watch Kiersten & Patrick’s Wedding Slideshow here: 

-~Patrick & Kiersten | Married -~

Avon Wedding Barn, Avon-Indiana

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