Wedding Day Timeline Tips and Tricks

Hello Bride to Be!

Make sure to read all the info below for the perfect wedding day timeline! Amazing pictures start with a great timeline!

Planning out the schedule will allow us to get all of the photographs that are important to you in as short a time as possible. Here is a rough guide to the amount of time necessary:

• Bride and honor attendants: 30 minutes (Minimum of One hour before the ceremony is recommended)
• Groom and honor attendants: 30 minutes (before the ceremony is recommended)
• Wedding couple together: 30 minutes MINIMUM!
• Whole wedding party & parents: 45 minutes
• Extended family: I recommend keeping the formal groupings to a short list. If you would like more formals with extended family we will plan for them during our phone call, and budget the necessary additional amount of time.

We will need a Minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes for photography. 

The Natural Light makes a Huge difference in the look and feel to your photos. Have a back up photo location with lots of windows and natural light for your rain option.DSC_66611.Everyone needs to be dressed and ready 1-2 hours before the ceremony for pictures–Even if you aren’t going to see the groom before the ceremony. We will do bride and bridesmaids pictures followed by groom and groomsmen.

2.Please have your details all together. This is the first thing I photograph when I arrive. This includes BOTH rings, Invitations, Dress, Shoes, Garter, Flowers, Jewelry, Family Heirlooms…Danielle-Harris-Photography01

3.{Have your stylists come to you.}  We photograph the details first, If you don’t get ready in a hotel or the wedding venue, You will not have hair and makeup pictures.

4. Keep in mind that if you wedding venue’s bridal space is dark, cluttered, or in most cases- school rooms–Your pictures will suffer. I suggest getting a hotel room to get ready in for the most bright and modern pictures.


5. We suggest that you waive the receiving line. You will have plenty of time to greet and mingle with your guests during the reception. Receiving lines take up a huge amount of time.

6. The photographer will need to be in the reception room for a clean room shot 15 minutes before they let guests in the room or earlier in the day. Please speak with the venue and ask when the photographer can get in for room shots. Danielle Harris Photography07

7. FIRST LOOKS. First looks are great because you can get all of the photos taken ahead of time. This allows you to enjoy the reception and have great pictures that aren’t rushed. The best room of thumb would be to have a first look AT LEAST after 2pm for better light ….the better the light – the better the photos.  If you want to know more about if you should do a first look, click here

Indianapolis weddings


If you don’t do a first look: Please allow for a MINIMUM of an hour and thirty minutes after the ceremony for bride and groom portraits, bridal party pictures, and family formals. This will need to be about 1-2 hours BEFORE Sunset.

Sample Timeline with Sunset at 8pm

1:00 Bride puts Dress on, Bridal Pictures                                                                                           2:00: Bride and Groom’s First Look
2:30: Bridal Party Pictures
3:30 – family portraits  (If you have more than 6 groupings, we will need more time)
4:30 – completely done with portraits – bridal party freshens up while guests arrive
5:00 – ceremony (perfect light for an outdoor ceremony is one hour before sunset)
5:30 – cocktail hour or straight to reception (if you do your portraits before the ceremony you can enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests or if the day has run behind, we will still have time to finish up pictures)

6:30: Dinner                                                                                                                                                       7:30 – Bride and Groom Sunset Pictures (15 minutes)                                                                   8:00: Cake cutting, first dances                                                                                                            9:00pm: Photography Coverage ends

My most popular packages include 8 hours of coverage or more on the wedding day.  I would suggest that the bride and groom have me shooting  from: 1:00 – 9:00pm with the timeline above.

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